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New Transformer Pad – Lightweight and Robust

MARCH 26, 2008 – A new flat pad for single phase transformers that is made from 100% recycled materials, features monolithic construction, and is easy to install is being introduced by Highline Products of Lexington, Massachusetts.

Highline’s Millennium Flat Pad is molded from a 100% recycled HDPE that is specially blended and features monolithic construction with a patented rib support structure that produces high side wall strength.  Lightweight and easy to install, this single phase transformer box pad is unaffected by extreme weather conditions and tested to an ultimate load of 11,682 lbs.

Built to exceed WUC 2.15 and NEUC (Northeast Underground Committee) design loading requirements, Highline’s Millennium Flat Pad has a cable opening and provides extensive ground contact for optimum transformer support.  Offered in 42” x 42” x 4”H (32 lbs.) and 42” x 52” x 4”H (42 lbs.) sizes, they are UV stabilized and resist corrosion, mildew, and most chemicals.

Constructed from 100% recycled material also lets customers apply for carbon credits.  Literature is available upon request.

For more information contact:

John Sullivan, VP of Sales & Marketing
Tel: (781) 328-3220
Fax: (781) 861-0675
Email: jsullivan@highlineproducts.com

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