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Highline Products Launches the New Millennium Box Pad Line

OCTOBER 26, 2004 – Highline Products, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, today announced the completion of its development of the New Millennium single-phase box pad line. The development of an improved version of the company's compression molded products commenced three years ago. The goal was a significant reduction in the weight of the products, while still offering customers products that were 100% compliant with industry guidelines for strength, integrity and deflection over an extended life time. The result of this work is a patented design for box pads of 15", 24" and 32" heights that are 40% lighter than most products on the market. The new product line was developed in conjunction with Metis Design; a Cambridge, MA based consulting firm specializing in composite structures and our manufacturing partner, Molded Fiberglass Company.

Paul Tannenbaum, President of Highline Products, views the New Millennium product line as an extension of the high-quality products that Highline has provided to its utility customers since 1971. He said, "The box pads will be manufactured using a new family of match metal tools at Molded Fiberglass's, ISO 9000 certified plant in Ashtabula, OH. The nature of the New Millennium design allows Highline to offer an expanded number of top openings on the box pads. Thus, almost every utility will now have the opportunity to purchase compression molded parts with their consistent quality in strength, laminate structure, and external appearance at competitive prices."

In other developments, Highline completed the construction of a full family of molds for the production FRP/polymer splice boxes in sizes up 30" x 48" as well as a family of all polymer flat pads. Mr. Tannenbaum stated, "This development is consistent with Highline's overall strategy of product line expansion in order to more fully satisfy customers' needs."

About Highline Products
Highline Products is a manufacturer of fiberglass, polymer composites and HDPE products for the commercial, industrial electrical utility and telecommunications markets in North America. Highline has production facilities in California, Minnesota, Ohio and Tennessee.

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