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Pole Top Extensions from Highline Products are manufactured with state of the art technology to provide the highest strength and most consistent quality. They are available in lengths that range from 36" up to 120", and with a variety of brackets and cap types, as well as being UV protected to provide excellent weatherability.

Save Time and Money with Pole Top Extensions from Highline!

  • Less personnel needed compared to replacement of pole.
  • Easily installed with 2 bolts and can be drilled in the field.
  • Existing wiring and equipment can be left in place.
  • No need to transfer telephone, CATV, or fire on joint use poles.

Example Uses for Pole Top Extensions

  • Overbuild construction of:
    • Spacer cable
    • Armless construction
    • Crossarms construction
  • Communication antennas
  • High traffic areas where time is critical
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