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Introducing the New Millennium 4" Transformer Pad

Highline is proud to introduce the newestaddition to our highly
successful Millennium transformer box pad line. Developed with the goal of having extremely lightweight products that surpass the industry standards for strength, durability, and quality, this new flat pad offers a cost-effective solution to our customers. Our innovative and patented design results in a product that is lightweight, extremely strong, durable, and manufactured with consistent quality. Featuring the best quality in the industry, these new Millenium Flat Pads were born from an extensive laboratory and field research, engineering, testing and product development program. Made from a specially blended and recycled thermoplastic, they feature strategically placed corrugations, with a ribbing structure that reduces weight and provides high strength.

  • Monolithic design- there is no foam to explode or wood to rot
  • Superior side wall strength from our patent pending design
  • Made from 100% specially formulated recycled HDPE
  • Durability is unaffected by weather and soil conditions,
    molded with impact modifiers that result in a product that
    can handle extreme weather conditions
  • UV stabilized to provide long life
  • Resists corrosion, mildew and most chemicals
  • Lightweight for easy installation by one person
  • Low cost installation
  • Rapid production and short lead-times

Currently available in (2) top dimensions 42” x 42” x 4” high, and 42” x 52” x 4” high. Available with several different cable openings, ships standard with (2) 1/2” inserts. For an additional charge unistrut can be substituted for inserts. Tie-down cleats are also available as an option. Color is black for the greatest UV protection.

  • Exceeds the design loading requirements of WUC 2.15 for flat single phase transformer box pads, and NEUC (Northeast Underground Committee)
  • 42”x 42” pad loaded to 3600 lbs. deflects <.035”
  • 42”x 52” pad loaded to 3600 lbs. deflects <.049”
  • Can carry an ultimate load of 11,682 lbs
  • For Complete test data contact Highline Products

Durability Over the Long Haul

Northeast Underground Guidelines (NEUG) call for box pads with a minimum safety factor of 2x for the normal life span of a transformer—30 years. Recent testing of 30-year old Highline box pads, returned from the field, revealed they still carried loads up to 7,000 pounds while complying with deflection criteria of NEUG. The New Millennium Line is an extension of this history of quality, while pricing is in line with the current needs of our customers.

Install your box pads with confidence knowing that you are using the best in the industry!

You can download drawings of individual products—in the format of your preference—by clicking the appropriate icons in the tables below.

PDF Drawing = Adobe PDF (download free viewer)

42” Transformer Box Pads - HL424204 Series
Insert bolt down option
Catalog Number Drawing Top Opening
HL424204-1220 PDF Drawing       12 x 20
HL424204-1224 PDF Drawing       12 x 24
HL424204-1227 PDF Drawing       12 x 27
Length Width Height
42" 42" 4"

42” Transformer Box Pads - HL424204 Series
Unistrut bolt down option
Catalog Number Drawing Top Opening
HL424204-1220u PDF Drawing       12 x 20
HL424204-1224u PDF Drawing       12 x 24
HL424204-1227u PDF Drawing       12 x 27
Length Width Height
42" 42" 4"


All nuts are encapsulated. To specify Transformer Tie Downs add a T to the end of the part number.

Optional Covers
HL-45-2EF Box Pad Cover, Electric Logo, Penta Hardware
HL-45-2EP Box Pad Cover, Electric Logo, Fargo Stud
HL-45-2TF Box Pad Cover, Telephone Logo, Fargo Stud
HL-45-2TS Box Pad Cover, Telephone Logo, Screw Hardware

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