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HL-49 Series 15" Pad
HL-24 Series 24" Pad
HL-48/45 Series 32" Pad

HL-49, HL-24 and HL-48/45 SERIES


  • Superior strength. Top load tested with simulated transformer frame up to 12,000 lbs. without failure.
  • Compression molded using a preform and polyester resin. The fiberglass imparts to the polyester high flexural and tensile strength.
  • The strongest pads available.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to transport and install.
  • Long maintenance free life.
  • For transformers up to 167KVA.
  • Exceeds Northeast underground test guideline (test results available upon request).
  • UV radiation protection.

Optional Features:

  • Choice of non skid fiberglass covers with penta head or fargo lock mechanisms.
  • Top opening sizes, 32"x 26", 303/4" x 26", and 243/4"x 223/4". [Aperture dimensions (inches) are measured at the intersection of projected adjacent planes.]
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