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A firm level base for primary cabinet is very important. Excavate an area roughly 3-6" deeper that the suggested burial height of the unit being installed.

Base Preparation:

Add approximately 3-6" of compacted materials such as gravel, soil or stone dust into the hole.


Lift cabinet by attaching slings to the (2) 5/8" inserts on the side of the cabinet. The cabinet can be opened, with the wind locks secured while lowering cabinet into the hole to help facilitate cable positioning. Lower the cabinet into place to the recommended burial depth.

Suggested Installation


Close cover and secure by tightening penta head bolt. This must be done prior to backfilling. Highline recommends 2-4" of clean backfill inside the cabinet to offer additional sidewall support. Back fill the exterior wall with loose material. Avoid using oversize stones, rocks, concrete, frozen chunks, etc. Pack the backfill by foot tamping. Do not use mechanical equipment and do not compact by driving equipment around cabinet. Hydraulic tamping is not recommended.


Cabinet Height Recommended Burial Depth
(measure from the flange upward)
41 14
53 23
63 26


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