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GSU Pads (Generator Step-up Transformers)
Depending on the design of the wind turbine being used at a particular wind farm, there may be a need for a pad mounted transformer at the base of each wind turbine foundation.  This is the beginning of the collection system.   The transformer steps up the generation voltage typically 690 volts (V), to a medium voltage of typically 35 kilovolts (kV).  Highline Products designs and manufactures fiberglass transformer box pads (transformer basements) that support the load of these transformers.  There are several advantages of utilizing a Highline Products box pad as opposed to pouring a concrete pad.
  • Delivered ready to use, unit is completely assembled.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle.
  • Lower installed cost, as there are no forms to build, pour and break apart.
  • Quick Delivery- after unit has been designed shipping can usually start in 4-5 weeks.
  • Ample storage space to loop extra cable inside pad for slack cable storage, or repair of a blown.
Highline Products manufactures standard box pads as well as units with an integral cable chute. This cable chute extends from the side of the fiberglass transformer pad and is designed to provide a snug fit to the tower foundation. The cable chute eliminates the need to run conduits between the tower foundation and the transformer; cable can run directly through the cable chute for easier cable pulling. Highline Products has provided 1000’s of these units to wind farms throughout the country. We can easily custom design a cost effective solution for your project. To assist you all we require a drawing of the transformer along with its.
Several common size box pads
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Junction Cabinets/ Collection System boxes
Wind power facilities consist of many generators that are spaced far apart but are connected together to the electrical grid via an underground system of cables ….the collection system. The power output of all the turbine generators is “collected” in the collector system and fed to the step-up substation. Highline Products manufactures collection system boxes; also know as sectionalizing cabinets or junction boxes. Inside these sectionalizing cabinets are junctions and elbows which connect the multiple turbines to each other.

Typically these fiberglass cabinets are 3 phase units, which are designed to be buried directly in the ground. There is plenty of storage area inside the cabinets, but additionally there are extensions available for extending the depth and for additional storage area.
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On some projects the land-owners oppose above grade collection system boxes. In this case our flush mounted polymer concrete/fiberglass vaults are the solution. These units’ consist of a polymer concrete top and bottom ring and polymer concrete cover with fiberglass side-walls. This design makes it easy to mount junctions inside the vault on the sidewalls. Once the covers are removed there is easy access to elbows and junctions to perform maintenance. These units are designed to handle incidental traffic so if a farmer’s tractor rides over them there is no problem.
Fiber Optic Communications
As part on the collection system there is usually a fiber back bone installed which provides the communication link between the towers and possibly a Scada system.  Highline Products manufactures pull boxes/splice boxes that are used for this application.
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